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Cystinosis Literature

Cystinosis Literature

LAST UPDATE: Sunday January 10 2021


1.   Cystinosis beyond kidneys: gastrointestinal system and muscle involvement (Topaloglu A, et al. BMC Gastroenterol. Jul 2020) This prospective study of 21 cystinosis patients (mean age, 15 years) found that patients with mixed leukocyte cystine levels >=2 nmol 1/2-cystine/mg protein had a higher rate of gastrointestinal complications and swallowing dysfunction (although results were not statistically significant). The study reported a 30% rate of swallowing impairment in this relatively young cohort, highlighting the need for awareness and early evaluation in pediatric patients
2.    Clinical trial readiness study of distal myopathy and dysphagia in nephropathic cystinosis (Sadjadi R, et al. Muscle Nerve. Aug 2020) This second phase of an ongoing study of 20 adult cystinosis patients (60% with swallowing difficulty; 85% with muscle weakness) reported that a 5-week respiratory exercise regimen resulted in significant improvement in respiratory function, which may reduce aspiration risk in those with more severe dysphagia
3.    Chitotriosidase as a novel biomarker for therapeutic monitoring of nephropathic cystinosis (Veys K, et al. J Am Soc Nephrol. Apr 2020) This 2-year prospective study of 57 cystinosis patients (mean age, 22 years) reported that chitotriosidase enzyme activity was a potential predictor of treatment adherence and the presence of extrarenal disease manifestations. The authors listed potential advantages of chitotriosidase as a biomarker vs white blood cell cystine monitoring, including improved assessment of total body cystine load, and simplified test technology and logistics. However, a certain percentage of all people have congenital absence of chitotriosidase, and even among those with chitotriosidase, the differences distinguish between groups of patients better than between individuals.

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Metabolic Defect/Cystine Transport

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